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My Critical Mass Wiz

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My Critical Mass Wiz

Postby arstas » Thu Dec 05, 2013 2:08 am

Anyone else play Diablo 3?

I haven't played it for a while but might pick up the expansion when it comes out.

I have a decent Critical Mass build Wiz and can solo diablo himself with all 3 party members dead from the start, you can see my toon here:

or on Diablo Progress:

Some Diablo 3 videos I have made on the Critical Mass Wiz:

Diablo 3: Wizard - Critical Mass Build Skills, Runes and Passives

Diablo 3: Wizard - Critical Mass Stats - Offense is the best Defense

Diablo 3: Wizard - Critical Mass - Gameplay - Tanking the Butcher Flames
(discussed in the above video)

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